Duties & Responsibilities of the Welcome Department

The welcome department is responsible for making all guests, visitors, and church members feel welcomed and comfortable in a professional way while maintaining organization and discipline in worship services, special events, and all other functions taking place at the church. The welcome department is subdivided into 3 areas:

  1. Greeters/Ushers- Responsible for
    1. Greeting guests, members, visitors as they come into the church
    2. Assisting guests, members, and visitors in seating
    3. Provide directions to necessities such as restrooms, Sunday school areas, etc.
    4. Collect offering
    5. Distribute all offering envelopes such as tithes, special offerings, gifts to the church, etc.
    6. Distribute visitor packages
    7. Enforce discipline for seating in the sanctuary and/or fellowship hall
    8. Plan for the quantity of coverage needed during events such as:
      1. Weddings
      2. Funerals
      3. Church Anniversary
      4. Revival
      5. Banquet
      6. Concerts
      7. Worship services (morning & evening)
      8. Special Programs
  2. Security/Parking Attendants- Responsibilities include:
    1. Opening and closing doors of the church before and after events
    2. Assist guests in parking before and exiting after events
  3. Follow Up- The follow-up staff is responsible for keeping up with visitors through different forms of communication and resources such as visitor cards and the church visitor database. This section of the welcome department is subdivided into 2 areas:
    1. Database Entry Staff- Responsible for creating and maintaining the church visitors’ database and filing the visitor cards in the church office.
    2. Correspondence/Communications Staff- Responsible for keeping in touch with visitors through phone calls, e-mails, and other means of communication and sending thank you cards and appreciation notes/letters to visitors. This staff is also responsible to serve as a liaison between the visitor(s) and the church’s ministerial leaders as well as the pastoral team.

Rules and Regulations for the Welcome Department

The rules and regulations for the welcome department are listed below.

  • All members of this department must report to their director/co-director and follow the instructions given by them.
  • Ushers are required to be in uniform at the time of service. If an usher is scheduled to serve but does not come dressed in uniform, he/she must return home to change before they serve. If he/she is not in uniform, he/she will not serve at that event. If an usher comes to serve without wearing his/her uniform 3 times, it will result in involuntary resignation from the ministry.
  • This department will have 3 annual meetings for evaluation, coordination, training, review of rules, and other needs of the department that arise throughout the year. Members must attend the 3 annual meetings of this department. If a member misses 2 out of the 3 meetings, it will result in involuntary resignation.
  • Ushers, greeters, and security/parking attendants, must be in their specific positions 15 minutes before the start of any worship service and special events.
  • Members of the follow-up staff must send out follow-up correspondence within 1 week of receiving the visitors’ card(s).