We pledge with the help of the Holy Spirit:

          1.    To walk together in Christian Love and live as wise people in the world
          2.    To seek for the salvation of others and exercise zeal in our efforts to advance the kingdom                  of God
          3.    To participate in at least one of the church's ministries
          4.    To exercise integrity in our commitments, conducts and business dealings.
          5.    To promote and encourage the financial growth of the church by contributing with our                      tithe and offering.
          6.    To promote the biblical standard for sexual purity in thought and action
          7.    To refrain from gossiping, slandering, and excessive anger, always willing to reconcile.
          8.    To refrain from selling alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and pornographic material.
          9.    To refrain from drunkenness and being under the influence of illegal drugs
          10.  To cultivate a Christian attitude of sympathy, compassion and courtesy, all the while,                          helping one another when in distress.
          11.  To uphold the biblical standard for marriage between one man and one woman.