Our Vision is to:

  1. Offer to God blended-worship-services that are traditional, contemporary, and appealing
  2. Promote structured up-to-date Bible teachings to the community and an open door for theological seminary internship
  3. Call full-time ministers who are trained Biblically, Theologically & Psychologically
  4. Create a Foundational Structure that Offers Longevity and Permanence for at least 5,000 members.
  5. Become a model church in the community by the impact of our worship services, bible teachings and unity
  6. Organize different community programs that brings career awareness and educational trainings in order to help transport people out of Poverty and Illiteracy
  7. Generate biblical and social programs that are sensitive to the needs of those that are being ignored in our community, such as the elderly, single adults, infants, and so forth
  8. Build a “Center of Refuge” for those who are sick spiritually, depressed, stripped, and marginalized so they can find love, acceptance, hope and encouragement in order to bring them to Christ.