The mission of the DEACON MINISTRY is to assist the pastor of the church in fulfilling all the duties of pastoral care, included not limited to serving, equipping, encouraging, edifying and monitoring the spiritual growth of all the members.


The purpose of the Deacon Ministry is as follows:

  • To assist the pastor in visiting, nourishing, equipping, and counseling the church members and its visitors
  • To assist the pastor in proving spiritual care and leadership to the church members and its community
  • To assist the pastor in fulfilling the sacerdotal duties of the church, such as, communion, weddings, funerals, baptism, baby dedication, conversion, etc…
  • To assist the pastor to minister in times of crisis and losses, identify the nature of crisis and refer to qualified professionals, attend to family needs, and provide vocational guidance
  • To assist the pastor in building “Christian Fellowship” among church members and its community, and sharing the church’s mission, vision and goals
  • To assist the pastor in reinforcing godly principles among the church members (watchman/sentinel)
  • To assist the pastor by becoming a facilitator or a general helper in all aspects and activities of the church

Ministry Description (Duties)

This ministry is responsible for the followings:

  1. To create a system of accountability among the deacons and the church as a whole
  2. To modeled the life of being good stewards in the way they manage their times, energy and possessions, and by being an example in TITHING and WITNESSING
  3. To create a visitation list which is constantly updated and to be divided among the board members
  4. To gather the necessary credentials as a clergy to be able to visit the hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons
  5. To constantly seek for training to become better equipped in fulfilling the duties of pastoral care
  6. To be equipped to teach Sunday school, baptismal, new convert, and new members’ classes
  7. To stay informed of those who are sick, hospitalized, persecuted, troubled, depressed or just having tough time, in order to pray for them and visit them
  8. To provide a monthly report to the pastor and the deacon board on the undertaken prayer activities and share the testimonies of the work of the Holy Spirit in the church’s life


  1. Deacon Board meeting every last Saturday of the month or the Saturday that precedes the first Sunday of the month (7-9am)
  2. Help direct the Saturday morning prayer service for that same Saturday that precedes the communion service together with the prayer ministry and the administrative committee of the church (9am – 12noon)
  3. Manage the first Sunday night of the month worship service in collaboration with the prayer ministry (7-9pm)
  4. To be active in and aware of all the weekly activities of the church, such as, the prayer services, bible studies, leadership classes, seminars and training classes
  5. Divide the deacons in pair with a proportional share of the members’ list and other prospects
  6. Organize different groups and schedules to go pray with people at the hospitals, nursing homes or prisons



Leadership Skills and Qualifications

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • BIBLICALLY sound, Personal PRAYER life, SPIRIT filled, and ABLE to lead others
  • Wisdom and discernment abilities
  • Bring comfort, consolation, and healing to others
  • Spiritual leadership abilities and well respected by others
  • Open minded, eager to learn and able to teach others
  • Organized and possess organizational skills to manage

Natural Qualifications:

  • Have undergone or willing to receive personal counseling and able to counsel others
  • Understand and know the Holy Spirit’s healing power on a personal level
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and listening skills
  • Able to show sensitivity to people of diverse backgrounds, and for those in difficult circumstances
  • Genuine compassion and respect for all persons

Leadership Structure (Committee):

The organization is composed of five members as follows:

A Leader:
The Leader must live his life in a way to exemplify all that the group represents; he must lead the group in a godly fashion; he must learn how to manage conflicts among the members; he is responsible to uphold all the functions of the brotherhood; he is responsible for the success and failure of the ministry; he has to call the meetings, direct or manage them, and make sure that they are appropriate; he is responsible to decide on and invite the guest speakers; he has the final word in cooperation with the pastor to decide on their participation in outside conventions; finally, he has to show personal spiritual growth and watch over the spiritual growth of the members.

An Assistant Leader:
The assistant leader is a collaborator of the leader; he is responsible to live an exemplify life just like the leader; he is responsible to replace the leader at his absence and fulfill all the functions of the leader; in case of resignation (voluntary or involuntary) or in case of death, he automatically becomes the leader. In due time, there will be assistant leaders for the East Prayer Group, West, North, and South.

A Secretary:
The secretary is responsible to keep the minutes of each meeting; he has to keep the archives of the ministry; he has update the absentees of their tasks; he is responsible to contact the members (word of mouth, phone, or by mail) to remind them of the meetings, times and places; he has to work in collaboration with the Music and Audio-Visual dept to assure all the needed equipment are in place.

A Treasurer:
The treasurer is responsible to keep all the financial records and financial administration of the ministry; he has to plan and proposed a yearly budget; he has to motivate the men to contribute and create fund raising activities; he has to work in collaboration with the church treasurer.

A Gate Keeper and Counselor:
The counselor is responsible to make sure that the group is going to the right direction and making the right decisions; he is responsible to help and counsel all the leaders; he is there as a veteran to share his experience on what to do and what not to do; he has to help to them keep track of all events (internal or external) in order for the ministry to take part in them.