In 1992, our church began in the home of the Jean-Baptiste, Vernet and Raymond families. We then moved to Montclair, NJ in the basement of Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church. 9 years later, under the leadership of Pastor Esneider Jeanty, we purchased our first building in 2001. 

After the retirement of our founding pastor Esneider Jeanty in 2008, the church was  ready for a new beginning, ready for a change. Pastor Jacob Vital was called to lead that movement. Under his leadership, the church continued to flourish. What started with 30-40 members in a home in Bloomfield had grown to a solid 300 member congregation in West Orange.

In 2016 after years of prayer and months of searching, God blessed the congregation of First Shiloh Baptist Church with a new home in Orange, NJ. In addition to the church building which seats over 1,000 parishioners, our Education Wing has over 30 meeting rooms for us to grow our Christian Education studies, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, K-12 Tutoring Program and countless other outreach and community based activities. God truly has enlarged our territory! It is our sincere hope and prayer to see people in our community here and beyond grow spiritually, socially, culturally, intellectually, financially and professionally. 

As we grow as a church, we pledge to no mediocrity, no dictatorship and no third-world mentality. To encourage continuous growth, we must pledge YES to a few things. We must say yes to professionalism, yes to excellence, yes to a bigger, better and brighter future, yes to love, yes to our Christian faith, yes to working together as one unit under God and yes to Christ.