The purpose of this department is twofold:

  1. AUDIO – Its purpose is to provide management, maintenance, a budget plan, and help in purchasing of sound equipments and offer a sound atmosphere that encourage worshippers to worship God in spirit and in truth. It is responsible to offer Audio Sounds, Recordings, Sales of Recordings (tapes & CDs), Sound Equipments, etc.
  2. VISUAL – Its purpose is to help provide a double message to the worshippers by making it visual in the used of PowerPoint Presentation, Slide Projector, Video Projector, Video Shooting/Taping/Recording/Editing, Sales of DVDs, Visual Equipments, etc.



  • Determines the needs for musical instruments (Purchase or rent)
  • Creates an atmosphere where the choir and worship team members are encouraged, equipped and eager to sing during the events
  • Assures the recordings of all the events (audio or video)
  • Assures the distribution of the audio and video recordings (sales)
  • Assures the collection of the fees for the recording requests
  • Assures the use of the overhead and video projectors, screens, and transparencies/assetates, billboards, banners and flags.
  • Administers the sound equipments and the musical instruments
  • Maintains the equipment and the instruments in good condition
  • Assures the rental, lease or purchase of needed equipment (approval needed)


The leadership may compose of many members, but seven of them are listed as follows:

A Leader:
The Leader must live his/her life in a way to exemplify a godly person; he/she must lead the group in a godly fashion; he/she must learn how to manage conflicts among the other members; he/she is responsible to uphold all the functions of the department; he/she is responsible for the success and failure of the dept; he/she has to call the meetings, direct or manage them, and make sure that they are appropriate; he/she is responsible to decide on and purchase of new audio-visual equipments; he/she has the final word in cooperation with the pastor and the executive committee on the use of church equipments for outside events; he/she has to work in close collaboration with the Music and Drama committees; finally, he/she has to show personal spiritual growth and watch over the spiritual growth of the other members.

An Assistant Leader:
The assistant leader is a collaborator of the leader by being a helper to all the responsibilities of the leader; he/she is responsible to live an exemplify life just like the leader; he/she is responsible to replace the leader at her absence and fulfill all the functions of the leader; in case of resignation (voluntary or involuntary) or in case of death, he/she automatically becomes the leader.

A Cameraman or woman:

A Video Editor:

An Audio-Visual Manager:
The Audio-Visual Manager is responsible to manage all production and distribution of the tapes; assure that the proper fees are collected by the treasurer; assure the use of the proper projectors, screens, and transparencies; responsible to uphold all the audio-visual functions.

A Sound Engineer:
The Sound Engineer is responsible to manage all sounds during events; assure that the sound equipment are well maintained; assure the rental, lease and purchase of all equipment to provide better sound together with the Leader.

A Treasurer:
The treasurer is responsible to keep all the financial records and financial administration of the music, audio-visual dept; he has to plan and proposed a yearly budget; he has to motivate the members to contribute and create fund raising activities; he has to assure all the contributions and fees are collected in a timely fashion; he has to work in collaboration with the church treasurer.


  • Help promote the proper sound environment that encourage worships
  • Help sound equipments and technicians during all group rehearsals
  • Help promote professionalism in sound and video imaging
  • Help promote proper training of the sound engineers, cameramen, & Video Editors
  • Help promote the proper audio visual materials and equipments during the events