Duties & Responsibilities of the Fellowship/Loisirs Deparment

The fellowship department is responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating various programs, activities, and recreation, which can be annual or on special occasions for the church family and guest ministries, preachers, and visitors. This department is subdivided into 4 areas:

  1. Event Management Staff- Responsible for managing, coordinating, and supervising all major events of the church whether internal or external. This staff will include:
    • Event coordinator(s) - Responsible for the administrative work of event planning including finding host/hostess, inviting guest ministries, receiving RSVP cards/calls, etc. Also responsible to work closely with audiovisual ministry for all audiovisual aspects of major events and other ministries such as music & worship ministry for other special needs of the event.
    • Waiters and waitresses- Responsible for serving tables.
    • Banquet manager – Overseers the serving and layout of food preparations. Also overseers the waiters/waitresses
  2. Kitchen Staff- Responsible for developing menus and preparing meals for all events that require cooking. Also responsible for generating a list of groceries that will be given to the purchasing staff. The banquet manager overseers this staff.
  3. Recreational Activities Staff- Responsible for developing and executing recreational activities and games during events such as church BBQ, church trip, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Reveillons (Waking!), etc.
  4. Decoration Staff- Responsible for developing and implementing decoration schemes for all church events. Also responsible for generating a list of supplies and décor that will be given to the purchasing staff. *Note* Use of purchasing staff is optional.
  5. Purchasing Staff-Responsible for making purchases necessary for the kitchen and decoration staffs. This staff is also responsible to keep all receipts for accurate financial records.

*NOTE: Annual events for this department are listed below. Events in bold are considered the church’s 4 main events of the year.*

  1. New Year’s Eve (Soup & Boullion)
  2. Valentine’s Day Couple’s Event
  3. Mother’s Day
  4. Church Anniversary (last Sunday of June)
  5. Church BBQ (4th of July)
  6. Church Trip
  7. Revival
  8. Thanksgiving
  9. Church Banquet (November)
  10. Christmas Eve (Reveillons!)(Fritay)

*NOTE: Special occasion events for this department include:*

  1. Funerals
  2. Weddings
  3. Honorary Events (i.e. retirement parties, going away parties, etc.)

Rules & Regulations for the Fellowship/Loisirs Deparment

The rules and regulations for the fellowship/loisirs department are listed below.

  • All members of this department must report to their director/co-director and follow the instructions given by them.
  • Members who are serving at an event are NOT allowed to pack up food for themselves on the side until the food has been distributed to the people at the event