Duties & Responsibilities of the Accommodations Department

The accommodations department is responsible for providing lodging, eating, and transportation services to guest speakers, guests from local and/or distant churches, and international guests. This department is subdivided into 3 areas:

  1. Lodging Staff- Responsible for providing proper sleeping arrangements for guests staying overnight. Also responsible to develop a list of people who volunteer to be host/hostess to the guests.
  2. Kitchen Staff- Responsible for developing menus and preparing meals for guests staying overnight. This staff will have a driver who will deliver the prepared meals to the homes where the guests are staying.
  3. Transportation Staff- Responsible for providing transportation to and from the church, place of lodging, special meetings, airport, and other places to accommodate the guest(s) during their stay.

Rules & Regulations for the Accommodations Department

The rules and regulations for the accommodations department are listed below.

  • All members of this department must report to their director/co-director and follow the instructions given by them.
  • Members of the kitchen staff are not permitted to pack up food for themselves, family, or friends unless there are leftovers after the guests have been served.
  • Members of the transportation staff must be on time when picking up and/or dropping off the guests to their specific engagements.